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My next collection is called Weeping for the Lovely Phantoms. It’s being published by Salt in the autumn of 2007 and the cover might look like this image above (photo by Dora Colley):

I sent it to Francesca Beard for a blurb and she said:

"Thought I'd just open up file for kwik look, couldn't stop - love the way they are so little and yet each one a cinematic journey, storylines, characters, plot, style, atmosphere - music and lighting, but also temperature and smell...

such great choice of subject matter, just my cup of coffee - reminds me of edward hopper and joyce carol oates, , both of whom ILOVE"

And Paul Summers said:

"Weeping for the Lovely Phantoms provides us with an intimate theatre in which Jo Colley's poetic personas can tenderly act out the unpicking of their labyrinthine back-stories. Actually, on reflection, it's not a theatre, nor a cinema for that matter; it's more like she's recreated a claustrophobic front-room or a bed-sit with a tiny little telly firing out a deluge of crackling, strobe-light movies and dark, late-night stories to a legion of insomniacs."