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My first collection, published in 2002 by Vane Women

I was really excited when Vane Women published this pamphlet, though it happened at a strange time in my life when everything was changing.
I particularly liked the cover – a friend and I took this and several other Barbie and Action Man (definitely not Ken) photos down by the River Wear in an odd corner of County Durham (county of odd corners). I took the photo on an old Pentax and then had it scanned onto the cover of the pamphlet at Darlington Arts Centre in black and white. I love the result, still do. They look so happy.

"Jo Colley's first collection is shockingly honest in its nervy, ironic, high wire poems poised between safety and danger. Hers is a world of post-modern surrealism and somehow she's frantic to escape her dream landscape while enjoying a shiver of its dark imagination. Uncompromising poems of zest, experience and attitude." J.L.Litherland

"Wit and angst . . . warmth and wry stylishness" - Jenny Swann, Other Poetry